“Four copper wheels”

Artist Udi Cain (Ehud Chaikin), from the famous Jewish-Hassidic Chaikin family, describes his artwork:

“One of my sculptures stands on a small plaza near the main square of the commercial and industrial zone in the Talpiot neighborhood of Jerusalem. I built it as a tribute to the builders of Jerusalem from the times of the Kingdom of Solomon, who built the temple on Mount Moriah, up to and including the builders of today. Since those times, the town has grown in all directions over the hills surrounding Jerusalem”

The sculpture represents what one might see through a telescope when watching a far-away galaxy which from the time of its inception continuously grows from the inside out, looking like a huge agitated mass. […] The main sculpture combines the words of the verse “four copper wheels to each machine” (Kings 1, 7:30), describing the ritual instruments in use in the Temple, as well as the industrial neighborhood of today’s Talpiot. Four cogwheels are connected to one, as a modern interpretation to the ancient verse.”

Source: http://www.dankazez.com/udi/


Damaris (BA in Media Communications and MA in Israel Studies) lives in Jerusalem and writes as an independent journalist.