Israeli firm invents highly efficient engine

For 150 years, the design of the traditional internal combustion engine has not been changed, apart from minor adjustments – until recently! The Israeli firm Aquarius Engines invented a highly efficient, lightweight combustion engine that uses a completely different approach and thus represents a real challenge to the traditional engine.

Simple design and high efficiency

“Instead of the four, six or eight pistons that thrust up and down to turn the valves that move the wheels, the Aquarius engine features a horizontal-moving cylinder that generates energy to power two electric generators that power the car”, so Gal Fridman, chief marketing officer and co-founder of Aquarius Engines.

By consisting of fewer than 20 parts and only one single action the design utilizes energy much more efficiently. There are fewer hard-to-replace parts than in traditional engines and less energy is dissipated. It is much smaller in size and weighs only 15 kilogram, whereas the weight of a traditional motor is more than 100 kilogram.

The engine could effectively power the hybrid-car of the future: “If a car equipped with a modern standard internal combustion engine can go about 600 kilometers on a tank of gas, ours can more than double that”, says Fridman.

Technology can be employed in power generators as well

The technology can also be employed in power generators, which could be exported to developing countries. The lightweight generators could be transported easily and sold cheap because of the simple design. They would be a highly efficient power source in countries where power supply is not always assured.

Damaris (BA in Media Communications and MA in Israel Studies) lives in Jerusalem and writes as an independent journalist.