Abbas to Trump: “May God destroy your house”

Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority, held on Sunday night a speech in front of the Palestinians’ Central Committee. The topic: “Jerusalem, eternal capital of the state of Palestine”.

The PLO-Committee was summoned especially for this purpose. It was his answer to Donald Trump’s announcement to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city.

Abbas made some very controversial statements: ‘Israel is a colonial project, which stands in no relation to Judaism’, he quoted Abdul Wahab al-Messiri, the Egyptian author, who published an encyclopedia about Jews, Judaism and Zionism.

Abbas rejects Trump as intermediary

He further expressed his frustration with Donald Trump, stressing that he would not accept the US President as intermediary, neither his peace plan.
He employed harsh and direct words towards the US President and his advisors: “May God destroy your house.”

With this he responded to a tweet of the US President in early January, which announced that the US would cut financial aid, if the Palestinians did not return to the peace negotiating table.

PLO Central Committee retracts its recognition of Israel

As a result, the Central Committee of the PLO retracted its recognition of the state of Israel.